At Cerulean Indianapolis, we offer multiple private dining options to fit your event. Whether celebrating a milestone or hosting a business luncheon, Cerulean has a space for you.

The Nest

Seats up to 18 guests

The nest is a great location for an intimate gathering or a social luncheon. It seats up to 18 people and gives our guests a very private location to celebrate a birthday, make a sales pitch, or just have a great time.

Private Dining Room

Seats up to 40 Guests or up to 80 for a standing reception.

Enjoy dining with a larger group in a space that is away from the rest of the restaurant. This room includes access to our patio.

Full Restaurant

Seats up to 115 Guests or up to 246 for a standing reception.

Ideal for parties or large office events, this option gives us the most flexibility to create an event tailored to your specific needs. Includes access to our bar, private dining room, main dining room, and the nest.

Call or email to talk about options or make a reservation:

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