The human body relies on several, cohesive organ systems to function properly. However, without the driving force of a heartbeat a body ceases to live. The same is true for Cerulean – without our patrons, the exquisite food and alluring atmosphere mean nothing. Our customers are the pulse, our life source, that keeps us going. Cerulean is lucky enough to serve the most eclectic group of clientele – from locals to out-of-towners, from Colts jerseys to black tie attire, we are thrilled to welcome every single hungry person into our Cerulean family. There is, however, something to be said about our regulars – our tried and true friends who put a genuine smile on our face when they walk through our doors. We want to thank them for their continued support, and we want to feature them as the celebrities they are. I was fortunate enough to catch up with the one particular regular, Sherry, to see what keeps her and her beautiful family coming back for more.

Name and occupation?

My name is Sherry, and I’m a Nurse Practitioner.

What’s your story?

My husband and I were both brought to Indy immediately after graduating from Notre Dame to pursue school and work. I started working for Johnson & Johnson as a pharmaceutical rep in the Indy district, and Vijay started medical school as an MD/PhD student. While we both have an instinctive affinity for eating, our knowledge and love for food at that time didn’t extend beyond the well-known chain restaurants. But from spending many lazy weekends watching travel and cooking shows, we slowly adopted a lifestyle of exploration through food. For us, trying new flavors has become an adventure in itself. We’ve come to develop a true appreciation for the creativity and execution that go into creating one simple bite. Now, we devote a good amount of research into travel destinations just to taste the best of what that city can offer.

When did you first come to Cerulean? How did you hear about us?

I think Cerulean first came on our radar around the time when the flood of new food talent began sweeping Indy. It was already highly-anticipated by the Indy foodie community, so naturally, we had to try it out. Being located inside the beautiful Alexander Hotel also helped.

What keeps you coming back?

The ever-changing menus! That, and your pastry chef. (Side note: Dear said pastry chef, I want to thank your parents for creating you. And I want to personally thank you for not leaving us for Alinea, where you would easily fit in).

Out of all of our ever-changing menu items, what have been some of your favorite dishes so far?

Our all-time favorites include the truffle lobster pot pie, fried bread with assorted jams and compotes, chickpea fritters, brussel sprouts, and fried buffalo chicken skin (just to name a few).

And favorite desserts?

Every single dessert creation is genius. That’s why we usually end up ordering three items to share between the two of us. A staple is the bento box, which displays how ordinary desserts such as a chocolate chip cookie is elevated to something extraordinary.

If you were to recommend us, how would you sell Cerulean to your friends and family?

Cerulean embodies the hospitality of a distant Michelin-star restaurant and innovations of a hipster gastropub. The staff takes care of us like we’re family and the chef’s talents rivals those of top NY and Chicago restaurants. It’s the ideal “treat yo-self” restaurant. Whenever you feel like spoiling yourself, or some friends or family to not just a nice meal, but a unique experience- you go to Cerulean